INTERVIEW: Sarah & Sorrentino

Sarah & Sorrentino is an innovative textile design brand specialising in quality silk clothing and accessories, established in 2014 by creative duo, Sarah Pasricha and Louisa Sorrentino. Each beautifully crafted garment produced by Sarah & Sorrentino is made and printed right here in the UK, and boasts colourful, intricate designs, including eye-catching, geometric patterns and nature-inspired prints.

Photo credit: Sarah & Sorrentino

Based in London, Sarah and Louisa met while producing textiles and costumes for the film industry, coming together with the aim “to create something new with our prints that was different and exciting”, this shared passion for print led to the formation of their fashion brand, which has since been featured in many popular UK publications such as Vogue, Grazia and Glamour.

Creative Director of Syndicut, Alice, spotted the pair at a Fashion Sunday event at Oval Space, East London – as soon as she saw Sarah & Sorrentino’s prints she was eager collaborate. So we set to work, and now bring to you Boboto, a colourful new print which features in our SS16 Menswear Collection, available through Kickstarter now!

Above: Syndicut swim shorts in Sarah & Sorrentino's Boboto print

What are the inspirations behind your practice?

“We both come from a textile background and have worked as textile artists in the film industry for 6 years. Which is also where we met.”

In three words how would you describe your creative practice?

“Considered, developmental and fun!”

With what medium do you predominantly work? Digital software or more traditional printmaking processes?

“We use both – usually starting with hand-printing and dyeing techniques and then scanning this into the computer to play with, and then we mainly have things digitally printed. Our new collection will begin to focus more on combining hand and digital processes.”

Photo credit: Sarah & Sorrentino

What are your feelings about Syndicut and our ethos of collaboration with emerging artists and designers?

“We have done a few collaborations and have really enjoyed it. It is a great way to work with new people and expand your contacts, and you learn a lot from the different people you work with.”

What are your current ongoing projects? How do these feed into your designs?

“We are bringing out a range of activewear for yoga, which uses an updated version of our Spring Summer prints but much louder and brighter.”

Photo credit: Sarah & Sorrentino

Is your work a response to any particular issues or topics of interest to you? If so, how do you explore and express these through your practice?

“We took a lot of inspiration from the surroundings of our studio in Ridley Road. There are so many diverse cultures in London. Our work is a combination of our backgrounds and the everyday London life and people that we encounter.”

Photo credit: Sarah & Sorrentino

Please name one or two artists or artworks that have particularly inspired you, or changed the way you approach your practice.

Sonia Delaunay - she was a pioneer of printed textiles.”

Above: Various prints, textile designs and artwork by Sonia Delaunay  |  |