INTERVIEW: Gráinne Nagle (Nounua)

As one of Syndicut’s latest artist collaborators, Gráinne Nagle’s prints caught our attention due to their bold, inquisitive exploration of space, form and colour. Nagle often combines printmaking and collage in her refined compositions, creating simplistic but effective pieces which immediately catch the eye.

As soon as we saw her work, we knew it would look fantastic on our new SS16 products. This collaboration has resulted in a selection of tees printed in three different geometric designs, lounge pants, boxers and our new generously sized, durable canvas tote bag. To purchase these lovingly crafted items at reduced pre-order prices exclusive to our Kickstarter campaign, please click HERE!

What are the inspirations behind your practice?

“I'm inspired by the things I see on a daily basis. The mundane things that are insignificant to most people, I see geometry, space, colour and pattern, which I then translate to my work.”

In three words how would you describe your creative practice?

“Ideas Feed Ideas.”

With what medium do you predominantly work? Digital software or more traditional printmaking processes?

“I work predominantly with collage and screen print, although recently I've been experimenting with more 'sculptural' type pieces.”

Above: 3 To 1 (I), 3 To 1 (II), 3 To 1 (III), Gráinne Nagle

What are your feelings about Syndicut and our ethos of collaboration with emerging artists and designers?

“It's a good alternative platform for both sides to get their work seen in a way that they may not normally have been able to.”

What are your current ongoing projects? How do these feed into your designs?

“I'm constantly working on various projects at the same time, and they in turn feed into each other. A collage for example may give me an idea for a print, and vice versa.”

Above: Over/Under & Under/Over, Gráinne Nagle

Where did you study?

“I originally studied Fine Art (Painting) in Limerick School of Art and Design and then later decided to go back and study Visual Communications in Dun Laoghaire, Dublin.”

How long have you been an artist?

“I'm relatively new at this as I only decided to dedicate myself full time to my practice since 2014.”

Above: Coast (I), Coast (II), Coast (III), Gráinne Nagle

How did you discover your creative discipline?

“I found a love for screenprint while studying the Visual Communications course, although at the time I wasn't able to explore it as much as I wanted, so I think that's why I went back to it.”

Please name one or two artists or artworks that have particularly inspired you, or changed the way you approach your practice.

“There are too many, but if I have to name just two, one would have to be Sol LeWitt and secondly, Ellsworth Kelly whose work I got to see for the first time IRL recently and was just blown away. The colours and combinations are just...!”

Above: Ellsworth Kelly (left), Sol LeWitt (right)  |  |