Over the last six months we have spent a great deal of time crafting and curating our new collections of swimwear, loungewear and accessories for him and her. Every product features a unique artist-designed print created by one of our diverse group of collaborators and is either screen printed by hand or printed digitally onto each garment.

Here at Syndicut, our passion for print and collaboration is at the core of what we do and the products we sell. Therefore, in order to continue our work with the best emerging artists and designers and to put our new printed collections into production, we launched a Kickstarter campaign at the beginning of April.

This campaign features prints by a range of contemporary talent including screenprint artist Frea Buckler, botany-inspired illustrator Philli Bradshaw, textile design duo Sarah & Sorrentino, street artist Carl Cashman, graphic designer Tânia Filipa (founder of TF Concept – Design), geometric artist Gráinne Nagle (AKA Nounua) and innovative pattern creator Emily Wills (founder of Surface 1°22).

Above: Syndicut has collaborated with over 15 carefully selected artists and designers, all of whom work within their respective disciplines in unique and innovative ways.

Leading up to our launch date, we conducted much market research, sourced the highest quality materials and found the best factories and production teams to make and print each piece of Syndicut clothing. After testing our samples and receiving valuable feedback we made the necessary adjustments and began preparing to release our products for pre-order through Kickstarter.

We designed a clear and structured layout for our crowdfunding campaign and worked with top photographers, Edd Horder and Ali Kate Cherkis, and filmmaker, Matthew Barton, to shoot our initial samples and capture the essence of the Syndicut brand. We collaborated with dancers from The Artful Badger who expertly modelled our womenswear samples and choreographed a dance routine for our campaign video, which you can view below.

Above: Behind-the-scenes footage – shooting our new collections with Ali Kate Cherkis, Edd Horder and Matthew Barton.

Upon the launch of our campaign we received over 10% of our £8,000 goal on the first day, reaching over 30% within the first week. We’d like to say a big thank you to all the generous backers who have donated and pledged so far – we are so grateful for your support! We are now approaching the end of our campaign and are almost 70% funded; providing we meet our target we will begin the manufacturing process very shortly, with a view to getting every reward out to our backers by the end of June.

We truly believe our products are something special, and wherever you are travelling this summer, you are guaranteed to be the envy of your friends wearing our quality printed beachwear! There is still time to back us on Kickstarter and get your hands on our exciting products at exclusive reduced prices, browse through the full range of items available for both him and her here: http://kck.st/1ou1vGw

Above: Our crowdfunding campaign video, shot and edited by Matthew Barton, featuring dancers from The Artful Badger.