INTERVIEW: Lotte Van Baalen (Plants on Pink)

Lotte Van Baalen, or as most of you will know her ‘plantsonpink’, is a Dutch artist who has attracted a lot of attention on instagram recently with her unique niche; bold photographs of plants and rich tonal pinks combine to create a powerful array of imagery. As well as being very relevant to the pink fascination this season these tropical designs resonate with our design ethos at Syndicut London.

Lotte, who takes her inspirations from bold, vibrant colours has professionally created a popular and recognisable series of images on instagram, through posting photographs, illustrations and prints daily, portraying plantsonpink's individualistic style.

We love Lotte’s vision here at Syndicut and we’re currently discussing a possible collaboration, visualising, as Lotte quotes, ‘‘leafy swim shorts, cactus bathing suits and plant kaftans’’. 


 What are the inspirations behind your practice?

Obviously I´m inspired by plants and the colour pink, but it all started out of love for great colour combinations. There´s something magical about the juxtaposition of green and pink. I was really focused upon those two, and suddenly I saw it everywhere. Some colours seem to contrast while in fact they go together quite deliciously. As goes for green on pink, which ultimately led to @PlantsOnPink.

In three words how would you describe your creative practice?

Repetitive, bold, colourful.

With what medium do you predominantly work? Digital software or more traditional printmaking processes?

I experimented a couple of times with the traditional printmaking processes, but I prefer to work online!


What are your feelings about Syndicut and our ethos of collaboration with emerging artists and designers?

I think it´s great that Syndicut collaborates with so many inspiring artists and designers, combining great swimwear with beautiful prints; best of both worlds.

What are your current ongoing projects? How do these feed into your designs?

I just wrapped up my grande exhibition at NYCxDESIGN (New York Design Week) and still somewhat jetlagged. But I have some very cool projects in the making, all leading of from @PlantsOnPink. I promised to not spill the beans just yet!   

Where did you study?

I studied Visual Arts in Utrecht and Children Studies and English Culture in Amsterdam

How long have you been an artist?

I have been an artist my entire life; born as the daughter of two artists I was always creatively challenged throughout my childhood and attended art school when I just got 18. It´s in my bones


How did you discover your creative discipline?

I cannot remember a explicit moment, but I think my parents always knew. When I was eight I had a school assignment to design a cat. Where all the other children created lovely realistic looking cats, I did a fully coloured prints portrait of a cat. It really stood out. My parents framed it and put it in our living room and when I grew older I understood why they did it. I always had a creative mind of my own.

Please name one or two artists or artworks that have particularly inspired you, or changed the way you approach your practice? 

Frida Kahlo and Marina Abramovic. 


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