Introducing Spenceroni

Spencer Harrison is a graphic artist from Melbourne. Not afraid of colour his work is bold, simplistic and full of energy. We discovered him on a journey through Instagram one day and had to get him on board. 

Spencer has created a dazzling print of coral, green and white. Appropriately named Coral Reef. This design looks amazing on and will definitely be your favourite pair of shorts this summer. 

Spencer was interviewed recently and here's what he said on his print 'Coral Reef' and Syndicut-

What inspired the print?

The print originated from an ongoing exploration of colour, patten and form that I have been undertaking in my studio. I follow an intuitive process combing shapes and forms until the pattern emerges. When this pattern emerged it reminded me of flying over tropical coral reefs in the afternoon sun, gazing down on coral forms and fish, which I thought would make a perfect print for boardshorts.

How do you feel about the brand and their support of artists?

It's great that Syndicut collaborates and supports artists around the world. I love working with companies that value the arts and work with  artists directly to produce their prints. It can be quite common sometimes for brands to simply rip off artists work so it is refreshing when a company goes direct to the source and works one on one with the artists in a more ethical manner. It's also a great opportunity to see my art & patterns applied to different forms and I can't wait to spot my shorts out on the beach this summer! 

 Find more of his work here