5 Printmakers To Watch Out For

Here at Syndicut our products are a platform with which to promote emerging creative talent and it is our ethos to support and collaborate with artists whose work excites us.

Discovering fresh print inspiration is something we are passionate about, and these five fantastic printmakers we couldn’t help but share with our fans.

1. Gráinne Nagle

Gráinne Nagle

Photo credits: Gráinne Nagle

Soon to appear on Syndicut swimwear, Gráinne Nagle’s contemporary geometric prints grabbed our attention with their stylish, refined arrangements of line, form and space. With a background in fine art and graphic design, Nagle’s current ongoing project, Nounua, reflects this multi-disciplinary approach, combining simple linear components with boldly coloured geometric forms in a stylish, minimalist way.

2. Richard Peacock

Richard Peacock

Photo credits: Richard Peacock

Peacock works predominantly with screen and woodcut printing, producing colourful abstract prints which incorporate found objects to give them one last purpose before recycling. These sophisticated prints catch the eye with vibrant colour palettes, cleverly layered irregular structures and a process-led approach to printmaking.

3. Kate Gibb

Kate Gibb

Photo credits: Kate Gibb

Printmaker and illustrator Kate Gibb explores the possibilities that can be achieved with screen-printing, with a particular emphasis on pattern and colour. Gibb’s inspirations are found in chance marks, happy accidents and the slight man-made errors that differentiate traditional printmaking processes from digital printing techniques. At Syndicut, we love Gibb’s playful approach to her practice and the striking, almost animated results.

4. Maya Hayuk

Maya Hayuk

Photo credits: Maya Hayuk / Martha Cooper

Stumbled upon through social media, Hayuk’s stunning murals, prints and paintings are inspired by a range of visual references, from pop culture to views of outer space to religious and traditional crafts. Maya Hayuk abstracts from these to produce unapologetically colourful, symmetrical compositions with intricate, layered patterns at which you can’t help but stare! Hayuk’s colossal scale street art, stunning prints and vibrant paintings have been exhibited around the world – we hope to find a mural in London soon!

5. Sarah & Sorrentino

Sarah & Sorrentino

Photo credits: Sarah & Sorrentino

With many years producing textile designs in the film industry, design team Sarah Pasricha and Louisa Sorrentino create beautiful, unique silk scarves, all of which are printed here in the UK. Established in 2014, Sarah & Sorrentino start with initial hand drawn designs before experimenting with screen-printing and digital printing to craft each luxurious garment. Here at Syndicut we especially love the tribal influences, bold, almost vintage-style colour palettes and highly detailed, unusual prints. Over the last few months we have been collaborating with Sarah & Sorrentino and can’t wait to feature their prints within our Spring/Summer Collection!