INTERVIEW: Emily Wills

Syndicut recently caught up with Emily Wills, the screen and digital print designer with whom we collaborated to bring you our signature ‘shortie’ length swim shorts in Wills’ stylish Summertime Blues and vibrant Fronds with Benefits prints. Read on to discover more about this innovative artist and her exciting work…

What are the inspirations behind your practice? What inspired these prints?

“I spent the first half of the year taking a sabbatical in Bali, Indonesia. Fronds with Benefits and Summertime Blues were poolside designs created from palm frond and geometric doodles. My surface pattern designs start with paper and markers, and celebrate hand craftsmanship.”

In three words how would you describe your creative practice?

“Footloose, Fancy-Schmancy.”

With what medium do you predominantly work?

“Sharpies. Marker making goodness!”

Photo credits: Emily Wills

What are your feelings about Syndicut and our ethos of collaboration with emerging artists and designers?

“Syndicut presents such a fantastic platform and product. The brand is energetic and original, and offers Australian men an alternative to youth oriented surfwear. I love being a part of this project - the designer collaborations are boss.”

What are your current ongoing projects? How do these feed into your designs?

“Working with an agent to showcase surface pattern designers from Asia Pacific in the US. I strongly advocate digitally printed cloth when it showcases traditional art making methods, using markers, chalk or paint as a starting point and have been hosting a series of surface design workshops under the banner Paper Pattern Print #paperpatternprint. My current focus is putting together a collection for SURTEX, in New York and pitching my surface pattern designs as murals, community art and architectural projects. Things are getting bigger... Literally.”

Photo credits: Emily Wills


Where did you grow up? Where are you based now?

“Perth, Australia”

Where did you study?

“Curtin University + University of New South Wales, Australia”

How long have you been an artist?


How did you discover your creative discipline?

“Couldn’t decide whether to take Fine Art or Fashion as a major and kind of smushed them together...”

Photo credits: Emily Wills

Please name one or two artists or artworks that have particularly inspired you, or changed the way you approach your practice.

“Camille Walala. I admire her bold and gutsy Graphic Design, and how she’s translated these print design ideas onto Exterior Facades and painted amazing walls to upheave minimalistic Interior Styling. This girl is the BOMB! I see a future city where every possible surface is ornamented with patterns and prints; an Arts and Crafts renaissance where embellishment is key.”

Photo credits: Camille Walala