Opened in 2008, Jealous operates from their gallery and print studio in Shoreditch, in the creative heart of East London, and from their sister gallery, Jealous North, in Crouch End. Jealous is dedicated to showcasing the latest contemporary print talent and runs monthly exhibitions which include both artist-led and curated group shows.

Currently showing at Jealous’ Shoreditch gallery is Exposure, an exhibition which has brought some of the world’s leading photographers’ work together as part of a thoughtful and inspiring group show. Alongside the innovative photographic talent on display is the work of Jealous’ many printmakers, whose work has been carefully enclosed in protective sleeves and is available for sale or to simply browse through.

Above: CUBA (Fashion Shoot for Jalouse), Untitled (Fashion Portfolio) and The Amalfi Coast, Martin Parr

Amongst this diverse exhibition are names such as Martin Parr, whose documentary photography and photojournalism explores British society, the class system, and the anthropology of modern life. Described as a “chronicler of our age” Parr’s work aims to show how we live from a new perspective, revealing our world in a sometimes critical or entertaining, but always original, manner.

Above: Taped, Adam Bridgland

Another photographer whose work we find fascinating is Adam Bridgland, who is also the Print Studio Manager at Jealous Gallery. Bridgland’s practice makes use of a wide array of unconventional materials to create strangely mesmerising portraits. His work shown at Exposure uses tape to manipulate the faces of his fellow Jealous colleagues, creating ambiguous emotions and contorted facial expressions.

Above (left to right): This Heaven Gives Me a Migraine, The Body is Good Business, Maintain the Interest and Coercion of the Senses, Danny Augustine (also, Queenswood D and Queenswood M in featured image)

A particular favourite printmaker of ours is Danny Augustine, whose exciting and unique print practice explores themes including identity and the politics of gender, investigating how sexuality is seen in society today. Augustine’s printmaking processes are especially intriguing as, rather than digitally preparing layers of imagery to screenprint precisely in different colours, he actively engages in a “dialogue with his source material”, working into the visual material with painting, drawing and layering photography and screenprint, an organic methodology which “allows new narratives to emerge”.

Above (left to right): Untitled and Mashed Potato Mountains, Carl Cashman

In addition to the artists above, Jealous works with a great number of other printmakers whose work we love and admire, and even a few familiar names such as Carl Cashman (the creative mastermind behind our geometric A Pottery Gorilla swim shorts), whose print to the left above cleverly only uses two colours to achieve its precise optical effects.

Above (left to right): Electric Mick (3) by Kate Gibb and Cherry Pop by Sara Pope

Above (left to right): 04/02/2015 by Augustine & Bridgland, A Night in Tunisia by Tim Head, Huia by Lucy McLauchlan

Other printmakers whose practice inspires us include Lucy McLauchlan, who works with simplified forms and limited, monotone colour palettes, Tim Head’s gestural, highly saturated abstract prints and Angie Lewin’s intricate, British horticulture-inspired screenprints, lino and woodcuts and lithographs.

Above: Island Summer, Alexanders, Aldeburgh and Agapanthus II, Angie Lewin

For endless print and photographic inspiration, we highly recommend a visit to Jealous Gallery & Print StudioExposure is on until 3rd April, catch it while you can! |